The Weekender

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The vintage Weekender bag is made using washed out canvas and features 2 front inside pockets with drawstring closure, inner zipper pouch, 2 side pockets with flaps and side pockets with strap closures that feature metal buckles.

Weight 2.05 lbs

Black, Coyote Brown, Desert Sand, Olive

6 reviews for The Weekender

  1. Tracey

    I bought this bag for camping and vacationing. I am not a girly girl so I fell in love with the look. It arrived quick and was bigger than I had expected. It is soft and has no rigid shape which is exactly what I was looking for. It seems sturdy enough for what I intend to use it for. It has been on two camping trips with me and has been great. My only problems with the bag are minor design flaws. First although I love the look of the buckle closures they are a pain to deal with so I am going to add some Velcro under the flaps to take care of it. Second, the two large pockets on the inside do not have any type of closure at all and that is kind of a problem for me. I wish they had some sort of zipper. I use a backpack to put my dslr camera, my wallet, keys and all of the “honey can you hold this for me” stuff in when we are on vacation. I typically do not carry a purse on vacation so my backpack must hold it all and without zippers of some sort everything is “loose” and it kind of bothers me. Having said that my husband has confiscated the bag and it is now his camping backpack. He uses it to carry all of his “shower” supplies and it has plenty of room. All in all I think it is a great bag.

  2. Kenzie

    I wanted a washable, canvas-type backpack that wouldn’t require a lot of maintenance or upkeep. As a fan of the `retro’ military look and after reading several reviews regarding the `Rothco Army Star backpack’, I took a chance and ordered. The under $40.00 price tag is also a keeper as some of the retro canvas items out there are outrageously over priced.

    I’m pleased with the backpack so far, as it seems to be ideal for a weekend/overnight bag. I’ve used it once and this is my impression so far:

    – There is one large interior section (cinched) with an additional small zippered pouch for ID cards or such, two smaller front pockets/pouches, and two smaller pockets to the sides.
    – There is no structure to the pack, so the more items you have in the bag the more structure and shape it will have and maintain.
    – The outer flap fasteners and cinch closure of the main section take some getting used to, but are relatively secure.
    – Unless you throw the bag off a bridge, nothing will fall out of it.

    The canvas and coverage for interior items is thick enough to protect from moderate rainfall and dirt. The straps are padded just enough to avoid cutting into a shoulder, and the carry handle works as a quick alternative.

    I’d recommend this as a weekender bag, or a day bag for someone that carries a little or a lot of equipment and or books back and forth to school or work and wants to have some fun with a classic military styled look.

  3. T*m

    First the good… multiple interior compartments for sorting your stuff and places on the outside of the bag for hanging/tying things. Holds a lot and will probably last as long as you don’t load it down with heavy stuff (see the bad).

    Now the bad… the straps holding everything (main compartment & pockets) closed don’t have snaps which makes getting into any part of the bag a chore. The buckles feel cheap and lightweight. I doubt they, or the rest of the bag for that matter, will hold up to much abuse or heavy loads. Finally it doesn’t feel right when I’m wearing it. Probably a personal thing but it just hangs wrong. Can’t really explain it better than that.

    The upside is my daughter loved it and threatened to steal it so I gave it to her and got something better. :p

  4. Gary

    The only reason i’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the straps latch (the little thing that goes into the eyelet holes on the straps) is the opposite direction. They should point down but they point up. Not a big deal at all. I actually don’t want to say this thing is awesome because then more people will buy it and I may see other people with it, which makes me a little less special in this world but it is. Very durable, very solid stitching, PLENTY of room but not huge. There are two more compartments under the main flap. I’m taking 5 classes (16 credits) this semester and this will hold all my books with no issues. It does sit kinda low on your back and the straps will not adjust enough to make it more comfortable for most people but after a few days it felt comfortable just they way it was. I”m prior military and this is just like the duffle bag you get except in a backpack version.

    Overall I would highly recommend this. Great design and feel. Very durable

  5. Kyle

    I ordered this rucksack after previewing at least ten others. I was really worried about buying one that was strong enough to hold books, a computer, extra shoes, or anything else I need. It arrived on time and I fell in love with the weathered and official look of it. It’s large enough to hold textbooks, gym clothes (including shoes), a computer and anything else you might want to carry around. It is also strong which is a big concern if you want to use it everyday. This holds up and looks awesome. A great buy.

  6. Pickle Rick

    I knew going into this purchase that the shoulder straps were on the long side (and they are) from other reviews, but I chose the bag for it’s vintage style and it’s designated purpose is to hold clothes and small gear on my camping trips. And guess what? It holds my clothes and small items well (duh). 🙂 I did compare it to other ‘vintage’ style bags available online, but chose this one for it’s visual appeal.

    The big inner pockets accommodates my 2 D-cell Maglite well, and the smaller inner pocket was just the right fit for my mini-Maglites. The main compartment has a drawstring closure under the main flap, which is a decent system for clothing. How will the bag do for your needs, well that will depend upon your needs.

    There is no inner or outer frame, so as you’d expect for a cloth bag it will not hold it’s shape when empty. But for my purposes that is an arbitrary quality.

    All in all, I love it. I do plan on purchasing another as I intend to outfit myself with a wide array of ‘vintage’ style camping accessories.

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