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The Canvas Daypack is great for hiking, school or a day trip.

  • 100% Water Resistant Cotton Canvas Daypack
  • Padded Backpack Straps For Extra Comfort
  • Front Zipper Pocket And Zipper Pocket Lid For Storing Gear
  • Daypack Measures 17″ X 12″ X 10″
  • Available In Solid Canvas Colors And Camo Colors
Weight 1.2 lbs

ACU Digital Camo, Black, Coyote Brown, Navy Blue, Olive, Savage Orange Camo, Urban Camo, Woodland Camo

3 reviews for Canvas Day Pack

  1. M*****n

    I’m back for the 4th bag in over 4 yrs. I tend to have to buy a new one every Autumn because summer destroys it. So during the winter and fall and even spring you usually have sleeves on. Summer is tank top season. I run a dog walking company and I ride a bike to get around grocery shopping etc…so I use this every single day of the year…literally all 365 days of the year. Never had an issue with it breaking. The issue is that the straps rest in your arm pit and shoulders and on the 90+ degree days and after 5 hrs of walking dogs and biking around and maybe 30 lbs of groceries being biked home…they start to stink lol. Obviously. So I soak mine in baking soda before washing and wash it enough that some holes start to form in the bottom where you’d carry things. To be safe I just buy a new one in the Fall and I’m good to go! But this thing is HUGE and it fits so much stuff. I refuse to even use another brand because I’m scared I won’t be able to fit as much stuff in it. Groceries, packages, towels for the beach, an overnight bag for sleep overs…anything and everything goes in this bag. Computer, tennis shoes, beer….everything lol. The secret top pouch on the flap is great to hide money/ID and keys at the beach or when traveling. I will add that the straps are semi padded so they at least do not cut into you when carrying something heavy. But they aren’t as padded as some other backpacks. And after enough washes they def thin out more…but again still won’t cut into you. I always got the regular camo print….tempted to buy a solid color but feel like the camo hides stains better. Black might fade too much with as much as I wash mine. After some washes w the camo it fades to look worn in and a lot better than when you first get it. Break it in a little bit.

  2. Jim

    If you are looking for a lightweight travel pack/day pack and don’t want to get a nylon backpack in fear of them tearing, wishing for something just more durable, this product is perfect and comes with fantastic pricing to compete. If you are a student and only carry a couple medium to small sized books it will hold fine, but don’t go thinking you can shove too many heavy edged items into it. If you need to carry a few more items over the average [Tablets,Small Notebook/Labtop,Snacks,Water,Books] for hiking or traveling this Daypack is ideal.

  3. M**k

    Better than I expected. This backpack isn’t some beautiful product of the fashion industry, but that’s the way I like it. The main pocket can be closed by way of drawstrings, which works moderately well depending on how much you have in it. Be aware that the bag is a bit on the small side; the main part of the bag (below the top flap) is a little bigger in height/width than a folder, but it’s size has rarely been a problem for me. The construction isn’t great (strings often come loose) but I’ve had no problems with structural integrity yet. It’s the perfect size for bringing a few things with me, and I love that I can just throw it in the wash if I want (btw, I’m pretty sure it’s just canvas and not “water resistant”). If the size isn’t a deterrent, I recommend this backpack.

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